Genetic Programming Theory and Practice XIV

Genetic Programming Theory and Practice XIV



English | ISBN: 3319970879 | 2018 | 227 Pages | EPUB, PDF | 12 MB

These contributions, written by the foremost international researchers and practitioners of Genetic Programming (GP), explore the synergy between theoretical and empirical results on real-world problems, producing a comprehensive view of the state of the art in GP. Chapters in this volume include:
Similarity-based Analysis of Population Dynamics in GP Performing Symbolic Regression
Hybrid Structural and Behavioral Diversity Methods in GP
Multi-Population Competitive Coevolution for Anticipation of Tax Evasion
Evolving Artificial General Intelligence for Video Game Controllers
A Detailed Analysis of a PushGP Run
Linear Genomes for Structured Programs
Neutrality, Robustness, and Evolvability in GP
Local Search in GP
PRETSL: Distributed Probabilistic Rule Evolution for Time-Series Classification
Relational Structure in Program Synthesis Problems with Analogical Reasoning
An Evolutionary Algorithm for Big Data Multi-Class Classification Problems
A Generic Framework for Building Dispersion Operators in the Semantic Space
Assisting Asset Model Development with Evolutionary Augmentation
Building Blocks of Machine Learning Pipelines for Initialization of a Data Science Automation Tool
Readers will discover large-scale, real-world applications of GP to a variety of problem domains via in-depth presentations of the latest and most significant results.

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